Above: A token of appreciation for a job well done, this U.S. Army Department of Engineers pocket compass was given to Clifford by
Gary Cooper as the close of location shooting for the film
Beau Geste. It is believed that Cooper presented the compass to Clifford on
the Fort Zinderneuf set which was located in the desert in Buttercup Dunes near Yuma Arizona. There seems little doubt that there was a
bit of an inside joke in Cooper's choice of a compass as a token to Clifford since the actor was well aware of Clifford's involuntary role
as real a proverbial "Lost Legionnaire" in the Sahara years before.  An interesting side note to history is that the silent 1929 version
which starred Ronald Coleman was filmed at the same recreated Foreign Legion fort set. Many years later George Lucas would
film the Tatooine desert scenes from
Return of the Jedi a stones throw from the old Fort Zinderneuf site.
Engraved U.S. Army Engineer's Pocket Compass
Approximately 4 1/4 Inches Across Open

From the Secret Archives of The Noble & Antediluvian Order of
the Brotherhood of the Purple Fez