Above: Clifford's Certificate de Bonne Conduite - good conduct discharge - from the French Foreign Legion dated 17 September,
1929. These documents are unparalleled in other armies since they are in effect a second birth certificate to the holder. When
discharged the Legionnaire was given French citizenship under what ever name he may have enlisted under. This document confirms
such vital information about Clifford such ans the date and place of birth, the military decorations to which he was entitled - all of
which reside in the Brotherhood's archives - as well as the fact that Clifford was promoted Sergent prior to his discharge. It is
interesting to note that even though Clifford was running away from a scandal at home he chose to enlist under his true name.
Parchment Paper "Certificate de Bonne Conduite"
20 cm by 31.5 cm
Berger-Levrault  - Printers
Nancy, Paris, Strasourg - France

From the Secret Archives of The Noble & Antediluvian Order of
the Brotherhood of the Purple Fez