Above: Sometimes it the small things that give unsought after insights into an otherwise enigmatic personality. Note the corrected
typo on the first line of the September 24 [1940] of Clifford's Fez Diary. That he would take the time to make this correction to a
document that it is doubtful he ever intended to fall under the eye of anyone but himself says something about the level of
dedication he applied to his research into the Purple Fez.

Of additional note is the red heart shaped doodle that Clifford added around Rita's name. What he just having a bit of fun? Was it
love unacknowledged? Or did the then unknown starlet share a romantic connection with our former Legionnaire? We will
probably never know - not all mysteries can or should be solved.
Typed Manuscript on c. 1939 California State Exhibition Building Stationary
8.5 by 11 Inches
Los Angeles, California, USA

From the Secret Archives of The Noble & Antediluvian Order
of the
Brotherhood of the Purple Fez