Above: Besides mentioning an enigmatic connection to Nikola Tesla this page of Clifford's diary/journal also illustrates the
contradictions in Clifford's attitude towards events that fateful night. The stress of the task at hand, the eerie voices he overheard and a
growling stomach all help bring into focus the complex nature of Clifford's personality. Clifford also mentions a famed local Los
Angeles eatery, Philippe's which still serves its iconic French dip sandwiches to this day. On a hunch members of the Brotherhood sent
scrapings from the stains seen on this page to the Chemistry Department at USC. A helpful graduate student analyzed these scrapings
on the department's gas mass spectrometer and confirmed that the stains are in fact dried remnant of
au jus from Clifford's final meal -
a Philippe's French dip sandwich.
Typed Manuscript on c. 1939 California State Exhibition Building Stationary
8.5 by 11 Inches
Los Angeles, California, USA

From the Secret Archives of The Noble & Antediluvian Order
of the
Brotherhood of the Purple Fez