Above: There is little question that this is the final page of Clifford's Fez Diary. The diary was first started not long after taking his
position with the Exhibits staff at the California State Exhibition Building the mid 1930s. Only fragments of this journal were found by
the Brotherhood and there is no real idea just how voluminous the original manuscript was. Some 20 pages were recovered with these
being in almost fresh from the typewriter condition to burned, fragmented and tattered remnants. It also is curious that no evidence of
any other journal or diary by Clifford was ever found by the Brotherhood given that any period of his eventful and more than a bit
unusual life could have filled its own very heavy tome.

With a blatant finality this page records the very moment (or every close to it indeed) of Clifford T. Bell's existence - on this temporal
plane in any event. It would be nice to know that he chose his final words well but it is all too obvious to the membership of the
Brotherhood that given the catastrophic circumstances of his untimely end he chose as well as he could.
Partially Burned Typed Manuscript on c.1939 California State Exhibition Building Stationary
8.5 Inches by 11 Inches
Los Angeles, California, USA

From the Secret Archives of The Noble & Antediluvian Order
of the
Brotherhood of the Purple Fez