Above: The "Four Musketeers" and "Fifth Beatle" Clifford in Oran, Algeria. January 1929. There has been some speculation by
members of the Brotherhood and others that the stains on the reverse of this photograph may be blood. This is in all likelihood not the
case since by this time Clifford's battalion had been withdrawn form frontier duty. Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer testing
done on these stains by the Brotherhood show them to be from the strong Turkish style coffee popularly served in the sidewalk cafes
of Oran - many of which still line the Rue d'Arzew to this day.
Cabinet Photograph
Approximately 4 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches high
Pimienta et Fenou - Photographers
18 Rue d'Arzew, Oran, Algeria

From the Secret Archives of The Noble & Antediluvian Order of
the Brotherhood of the Purple Fez