Above: This small, much battered drawing showing the first level of tunnels and chambers beneath the basement of the Armory
Building was drawn by Clifford and has survived to this day. It was instrumental in helping the Brotherhood during its initial and very
dangerous entry into these long forgotten passageways.
Clifford's Hand Drawn Map of Tunnel Level 2
Approximately 11 Inches Wide by 8 1/2 Inches High
c. Late 1930s

From the Secret Archives of The Noble & Antediluvian Order of
the Brotherhood of the Purple Fez
Above: This digital composite clearly shows the close relationship between the Amory building footprint and the structures of the 2nd
Level. Clifford map the 2nd Level out using very basic means - a compass, a bit of the same old dead reckoning he used to find his
way out of the trackless wastes of the Sahara and simple pacing of distances. The structural relationships were probably much closer
than those pictured in this study. It must be remembered that the scale of the two maps - Clifford's and the Auto Club's - differed
vastly and some distortions are unavoidable. The original entry point used by both Clifford in the 1930s and the Brotherhood some 70
odd years later is marked "
A". The lower levels of the tunnel system diverged greatly form the relative order seen in Level 2, in fact
becoming more and more chaotic the deeper one went. This may be the reason why Clifford chose Level 3 to conduct his final
delving into the Purple Fez's declining power - the chance of being discovered was far less than in the more readily accessible Level 2.