Above: Even to this day Rita Hayworth is considered one of the most beautiful women even the grace the silver screen. The only
actress who could claim the honor of having been dance partners with both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly she is known to a much
lesser degree for her relationship with Clifford T. Bell in the very early days of her career. The exact nature of that relationship has
been the subject of much debate within the councils of the Brotherhood of the Purple Fez.

The photo dates from some years after Clifford's disappearance in 1940 but of interesting note (in addition to the lovely Rita herself)
is the ship's name which appears on the wheel that frames her very shapely legs so well -
S.S. Venture. A strange and unlikely
coincidence? A quiet tribute from Rita to the long lost Clifford? In all likelihood no one will ever know for sure.
Studio Publicity Photograph
Approximately 7 Inches Wide by 10 Inches High

Columbia Pictures Archives