Above: The newspaper clipping in its entirety. What became of the bottom portion is a complete mystery.
It is also unknown if the missing portion of the clipping would have shed any real light on the scandal.  

Newspaper Clipping
Newsprint Paper. Approximately 7 1/2 inches high by 6 inches wide
c. April 1922

From the Secret Archives of The Noble & Antediluvian Order of
the Brotherhood of the Purple Fez
Below: The reverse side of the above newspaper clipping. As is the case with the clipping's front side, only
a portion of the story about a killer alligator is preserved here. Also of note is the name of the professional
hunter who brought the crisis to a timely end - Baumgartner T. Bell. One can only assume that
Baumgartner was another previously unknown member of the Bell clan, in all likelihood another cousin of